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Walter Niedermayr / Kazuyo Sejima Ryue Nishizawa / Sanaa

Walter Niedermayr / Kazuyo Sejima Ryue Nishizawa / Sanaa
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Walter Niedermayr / Kazuyo Sejima Ryue Nishizawa / Sanaa

Walter Niedermayr

Hatje Cantz



Walter Niedermayr is known for his photographs of alpine landscapes in blinding light, as well as his large-scale multi-panel works. The Tokyo architects SANAA (the team of Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa) are known for their Minimalist and even ephemeral-seeming buildings, a portfolio that includes Dior in Tokyo (2003), the Dependance du Louvre in the French town of Lens (opening 2009), and the new New Museum of Contemporary Art on the Bowery in New York. In their respective disciplines, each pursues an abstract approach to the investigation of space; here they combine forces in Walter Niedermayr's photographs of SANAA's architecture, which avoid sensationalism and drama in favor of helping the viewer develop a sense of architecture's possibilities, the essentials of space and the relativity of the visible. Photographs alongside plans show how the monolithic and the fragmentary, the hermetic and the porous, the amorphous and the solid contribute to SANAA's ever-shifting atmospheres.
Walter Niedermayr was born in Bolzano, Italy in 1952. His work has been exhibited worldwide and published in two previous monographs. In 1995 he received the European Photography Award.


TitelWalter Niedermayr / Kazuyo Sejima Ryue Nishizawa / Sanaa
AuteurWalter Niedermayr
UitgeverHatje Cantz
Verschenen in2007
ISBN 139783775718905
Afmetingen12 x 11.8 x 0.7 inches
Gewicht2.8 pounds


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