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Engels - Hardcover | 2009

The Timeless Beauty of South Carolina State Parks... Meer
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

The Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate was little more than two quiet hamlets until William Slingsby discovered a chalybeate spring in 1571 on the edge of the expanse of common land today known asThe Stray. Known as the Tewit Well, it was widely thought that its mineral waters would heal sickness an... Meer

Little, Brown Book Group
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Renowned as America's pre-eminent black-and-white landscape photographer, Ansel Adams began to photograph in color soon after Kodachrome film was invented in the mid 1930s. He made nearly 3,500 color photographs, a small fraction of which were published for the first time in the 1993 edition of 'Ans... Meer
teNeues Publishing UK Ltd
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Following his stunning photo-safari in Africa and an unprecedented helicopter voyage from Europe to Africa in Eyes over Africa, the award-winning photographer has ventured to the polar regions. With his inimitable blend of intimate close-ups and cinematic landscapes, Poliza leads us through the magi... Meer
AA Publishing
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

'Take a view', the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, is the brainchild of Charlie Waite, one of today's most respected landscape photographers. Together with the AA, he has created this prestigious competition and award with a total prize fund exceeding GBP 20,000, plus an eight-week e... Meer
HarperCollins Publishers Inc
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Step into the world of Tony Hillerman's novels with this stunning collection of original documentary photographs of the landscape that was integral to his writing. Alongside these breathtaking photos are brief synopses of Hillerman's novels, descriptive passages from each work, the author's own comm... Meer
Engels - Hardcover | 2011

In 1997 I had what I refer to as my oil epiphany. It occurred to me that the vast, human-altered landscapes that I pursued and photographed for over twenty years were only made possible by the discovery of oil and the mechanical advantage of the internal combustion engine. It was then that I began t... Meer
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

Imagine a New York devoid of people, its empty streets, bridges and waterways as silent and magnificent as an Ansel Adams landscape. This is the New York that Christopher Thomas reveals in duotone photographs that are at once haunting and nostalgic. Employing a large-format Polaroid camera, Thomas s... Meer
Firefly Books
Engels - Paperback | 2009

Focused on digital photography this is a how-to book on nature photography featuring many illustrations, advice, tips and analysis appropriate for both novice and experienced photographers.... Meer
Palgrave Macmillan
Engels - Hardcover | 2009

A collection of images created by some of the world's leading nature photographers complement this journey through boreal forests, rainforests, ancient bristlecones, fresh-leaved seedlings, and among trees that are both scary and rare.... Meer
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